Two crazy people, one idea, maybe one Negroni too many.

The idea for MUNICH MUNCH came up in April 2016 in a Munich bar. Flo and Jenk drank Negroni (Flo) and beer (Jenk). When the bartender offered a bowl of peanuts with the drinks, the two friends wondered: Why do even the best bars in the world always serve the same thing? Why not try something new? Something crunchy? Without chemicals and unnecessary additives? The two couldn't let go of the idea.

Flo and Jenk started tinkering in their kitchens at home. They took the world-famous Munich pretzel as a basis, cut it into slices and baked them twice with the best extra virgin olive oil. There were also fine spices such as paprika, rosemary or truffles.

The legend wants it like this:

(Remember the time you were allowed to?)
The dispenser casts a blurred shadow on the unmelted ice cubes in the empty glass. Bartenders know how to drink. Next to it a half, almost empty. Two hands go to the bowl of peanuts at the same time. It's warm, the windows are open, half past nine on a Saturday evening. In a time almost forgotten.

Before Corona. So 2016 is coming.

"Peanuts are awesome," says Jenk. Flo nods.
"Would you like another?" One look is enough. Negroni number two, beer number three. Writers also know how to drink. "But somehow always the same," says Flo. Jenk nods. The friends nod a lot. And we always wanted to start a startup together. A fly gets lost on the beer mat. The peanuts are back. "It's crazy that you can fly from Shanghai to New York via Munich and always get the same thing," says Jenk. »You should do something different. Something local.«

The rest is history. In contrast to all the other wild ideas that are firmly decided in bars but forgotten the next morning or discarded at midday, this one has survived. Even one or the other Negroni (Flo) or one or the other beer (Jenk) more that evening. Even Jenk's daughter survived the incident in which she caught a piece of pretzel with the third hottest chilli in the world in her test kitchen at home. She also survived the first tough year in which we first perfected the recipes (3 months) and then baked the whole night through in a catering bakery in Munich (9 months).

The first customers were bars and hotels. Today we still produce in a family business and sell mainly to the delicatessen trade, from the small kiosk in the Glockenbach to the well-known Munich delicatessen dealer. 5-star hotels let their guests crunch our snacks in the minibar, and we've also been the official Wiesn snack of the champagne bar in Käfer's Wiesn-Schänke.

In 2021 we celebrated five years - counting from the first bar idea. For the anniversary we gave each other one together with our production partner
new packaging machine.
After more than 500,000 hand-stamped and hand-glued bags
(Stick 2x and stamp 3x per bag!)
is now time for the future.
We also got rid of the beautiful (but extremely environmentally harmful) composite packaging and are now working on a compostable version. Of course, our pretzel pieces are still 100% handmade and contain 100% natural ingredients.

The Englishman may say:
"We've come a long way."
We would answer:
"Way to go."
We look forward to all pretzel junkies,
Pretzl lovers, small dealers,
large dealers, of course all -inside - in short: to you!

All the best from Munich
Jenk and Flo